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Clubexpert is revolutionizing the way club-goers around the world are finding their perfect night

Clubexpert is a club rating portal that operates worldwide and supports individuals to find their perfect nightclub, wherever they are. Individuals are able to find their matching nightclub from reviews and photos with IOS, Android and web-applications. Whether you are on a vacation, business trip or looking for new experiences in your city, Clubexpert will find your most perfect club. Let Clubexpert simplify your night by filtering for distance, dress code, price, atmosphere and other search criteria. Your perfect club will be instantly at your fingertips!

Our Leadership

George Mityesoglu

Founder & General Manager

Clubexpert was founded in July of 2014 by George Mityesoglu. George earned degrees in both engineering and business administration. He has always been innovative, driven and had the passion to become an entrepreneur. The idea for a club rating portal was developed in London, where he had tried searching for the best club for him and his friends. This was challenging and time consuming due to the amount of clubs and lack of valid information online. The challenge of this task and lack of ease brought him to the inception of Clubexpert.

Mark D. Seel

Co-founder & Business Development Manager

Mark earned his degree in both Germany and San Diego, California where he picked up the his entrepreneurial spirit. The combination of establishing a startup company, believing in Clubexpert's solution, seeing the growth and forming new relationships with individuals around the world lead to his passion for Clubexpert.

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